10 New Health Gadgets & Innovations To Maintain Your Better Health

In this new decade, most of us want to be healthier and tries to keep better health. But it’s important to have a proper tech device to make it practically possible. I have listed some health & fitness gadgets and innovations to help you track your health and wellness. Not only workout tools, but there are also some other unique devices that maintain the critical parts of our body such as, ears, tooth, mind, and even bowel.

Otoscope Ear Cleaner

The Bebird high-tech otoscope ear cleaner is the safest and technically improved alternative for a cotton swab. However, it’s 1080p HD camera with three million pixels and 31.6mm lens provides a realtime video. So you can clearly see what’s inside your ear canal and clean it safely. Surprisingly, the battery lasts up to two months with a single charge. The Bebird smart ear cleaning rod starts at $69 on indiegogo.com!

Amazfit X Curved Smartwatch

Unlike other plain and ordinary fitness trackers, Amazfit X features a futuristic-looking curved display. Its 92-degree arc display provides the 2.07-inch color AMOLED to display a lot of information. However, it equipped with heart rate, sleep quality, built-in GPS, blood oxygen level, and alerts you when you are stressed. The Amazfit X starts at $149 on Indiegogo.com!

Dental Monitoring System

Dental Monitoring is a smartphone-based device that let the orthodontist check the patient without visiting their clinic. It comes in two different parts including a ScanBox and a dental retractor. Once the patient ready for a scan, they need to insert the retractor in their mouth. Then use the ScanBox which holds your phone to scan the whole mouth. If the orthodontist found any problem they will book an appointment. Check the Dental Monitoring here!

Upright Go 2 Back Posture Trainer

An Upright Go 2 is a wearable gadget that helps to improve your back posture. All you have to do is simply turn the device on and place it between your shoulder blades. It will make a vibration signal when it detects bad posture. However, it connects with your smartphone to track improvement in your stance. Check the Upright go 2 on Amazon.com!

DFree Bowel Sensor

The DFree is a wearable device that helpful for a person with urinary incontinence. Simply place the device on the skin near your bladder area. However, the Dfree uses ultrasound technology to continuously monitor your bladder levels. As a result, it notifies you when the bladder almost full. So you will have some time to go to the bathroom. The DFree starts at $399.99 on Dfreeus.biz!

IsoSpine Back Traction Device

The IsoSpine helps to stretch your back and relaxes tension in your muscles. It’s 40 smooth pins relieve pain from hard-to-reach back muscle groups. Moreover, acupressure massage pins provide satisfying massage by using only natural body weight and gravity. The IsoSpine starts at $69 on Kickstarter.com!

Loftie Smart Alarm

The Loftie is a smart alarm clock designed to replace the smartphone in your bedroom. Everyone believes that slipping with a phone is not good for your health. Not only an alarm, but the Loftie also features a night light, a Bluetooth speaker, WiFi, music player, and white noise. Moreover, it uses a two-step alarm to cut through morning grogginess. The Loftie starts at $99 on Indiegogo.com!

CalfPRO Calf Stretching Tool

The CalfPRO is a calf stretching device that provides maximum stretch safely by keeping your heel in a perfect angle. Unlike stretching on a wall which makes your feet slippy and difficult to get the right angles. The CalfPRO seamlessly lock your heel to ensure full leverage. CalfPRO starts at $89 on Kickstarter.com!

Mendi Brain Training Device

The Mendi is a wearable device that improves your mental well-being and overall health throughout the day. Moreover, it will strengthen your brain with a fulfilled game. All you have to do is, simply wear the headset, choose training duration on your smartphone. And start controlling the game with your brain. The Mendi starts at $299 on Kickstarter.com!

Necksaviour Mini Neck Stretcher

The Necksaviour Mini designed to relieve your neck pain and headache by gently stretching your neck. Our neck receives too much stress during everyday tasks such as spend too long on workstations, driving, even in gym and cycling. So the physical therapist designed the necksaviour Mini to restore your natural head and neck position while you simply lie down and relax. The necksaviour Mini starts at $39 on Indiegogo.com!

Health Gadgets

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