This Trailer Hitch Cover is a Key Safe | Hitch Safe Key Vault

Now you can turn your hitch into a key safe by using this hitch safe key vault. The ‘HitchSafe’ makes sure you never lock yourself out. It looks like an ordinary trailer hitch cover. Just insert it into your hitch. And snap it into place with a pin. The only way to remove it is from the inside. It can fit up to nine keys or two credit cards. You can set the password to lock the safe. None will know that there is a secret safe in your trailer hitch.


You can instantly install this rugged all metal safe. And locks in with the hitch pin. The four wheel combination is easy to set password. All you have to do is just dial in a number and it’s easy to change the password as needed. The Hitsafe is both rock-solid and also a sneaky secret. Hide the safe with a good-looking protective cover. So none suspects your valuables are hidden in plain sight.


Hitch Safe Key Vault:

This hitch safe key vault is extremely though, weatherproof and dependable. This must be the smart investment in avoiding lockouts and other headaches. Now your little two inch trailer hitch space can become a big hiding helper. After you filling the two inch space with the lockable hitch safe.The little in size things like keys, spare credit cards and cash become a valuable things when you are locked out of home or car.


With the hitchsafe you always have keys and money there when you need them. There is no chance of losing them. The safe is solidly constructed and is a perfect place to store your spare key. There are over 10,000 possible combinations available with the four wheel 0-9 lock. That allows you to set a strongest password to unlock the safe.  Check it out! 

Watch the video down below:

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