BaboCush | How To Calm a Crying Baby in 5 Seconds

Calm a fussy baby is a challenging part of every new parents life. Every babies in the world communicate with their parents via crying while they are in the first year on their life. Most of the babies crying for comfy, sleepy, and hungry. If your baby is crying for comfy and sleepy, then the BaboCush vibrating pad helps you to soothe crying baby. The BaboCush is meant to replicate lying on parent’s chest to relax the baby.

BaboCush Vibrating Pad Helps Soothe Crying Babies

The BaboCush is created by kerry Nevins. Laying on their tummy in the vibrating pad will helps with reflux, colic and gas. It also simulate heartbeat, so your baby feels even more comfortable. BaboCush doesn’t comes with a baby chair. You have to get them additionally or you can use it by just placing on the floor. The BaboCush perfectly fits into any type of swings, rockers, or bounce chairs.

how to soothe a crying baby

That will give extreme comfortable to your baby by vibrating on their belly while moving front and back. It’s made with the ultra-soft foam mattress. There are three variants in vibration, so you can adjust the vibration speed. Laying on the belly will dramatically reduce the danger of flat head syndrome. You can use this for babies up to six months old. All you have to do is simply place your baby on the BaboCush. And securely warp they with the straps. That’s it! the BaboCush will do the rest for you.

How To Calm a Crying Baby in 5 Seconds

Lying on the tummy is just a perfect position to keep the airways open. That allows your baby to breath comfortable while they are sleeping. Now parents will spent their time for the rest of the family or spent time to serve the meal for other kids and family members. Check the BaboCush on their website!

Watch the BaboCush in action in down below:

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