HydroArtPod: Your own automated indoor herb garden kit with grow light

Growing herbs in the kitchen are one of the most difficult aspirations for anybody who lives in an apartment or in a small space. Luckily, this fully automated indoor vertical garden system, which includes a grow light, is here to take care of everything.

HydroArtPod is a smart self-growing wall-mounted garden that requires minimal maintenance. However, this indoor herb garden kit was designed and developed by Aline Pate who always wants to feed her family with toxic-free food and wants to display her home garden as art on a wall.

Above all, it took over three years for her to complete this project. This hydroponic system has three different parts such as seedpods, nutriopods, and hydroartpod.


Also, it features growing lights and a cycling water system that reminds you when to water and feed your plant with nutrients. As a result, they have claimed that with all the above benefits, the HydroArtPod indoor herb garden kit with grow light can grow 30 different plants at once with 3x speed.


That means the seeds will come to life within 48 hours of planting. The sensors will also track the water and nutrition levels of the plants, alerting you via a specialized smartphone app when the plant needs your care. Also, they have mentioned in their campaign that this device will tell the optimal harvesting periods for your plants.


Currently, this indoor herb garden kit with grow light is raising funds on Indiegogo. An early bird pledge of US$749 will get you one. The expected delivery date is October 2022, if everything goes according to plan.

Source: Indiegogo, HydroArtPod

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Watch the indoor herb garden kit in action

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