Indoor Mini Golf Game | Play Indoor Miniature Golf in Your Living Room

Now you can play golf in your living room with this indoor mini golf game. I’m sure that every golfer might need this miniature golf set through the winter season. It’s called the Mini Indoor Golf. It comes with every thing you need including tee box, sand straps, water hazards, putting green and flag. All you have to do is, simply grip the club and squeeze the trigger on the handle. The tiny action figure will swing his club and makes the golf ball fly.

The indoor miniature golf game comes with two left-handed shot maker clubs, So you can enjoy the game with your friends and family. There are 12 different clubs to choose from, and each club hits a little different. You can select the club depends on what you want to do. You can easily remove or change the club on the shot maker. Simply pick the club you need and snap it in the place. You can also keep track of winning with the score cards that comes with the game.

The separate tee box and putting green allows you to arrange a new creative hole set-up each time. Also it will fulfill the dream of the northern barren wasteland states people. So they can practically play a complete 18 rounds in a match with friends on the cold winter season. And it must be the perfect golf simulator toy for kids. This indoor mini golf game will teach them the different types clubs for different distances and angles of shots.

Not only an awesome game for office, It must be the perfect gift for golf lovers. You can swing the mini golf club by simply pulling the trigger on the shot maker. And the golfing action figure at the end of your club will make a miniature golf ball fly for you. Finally, you can enjoy the practically real golf game in your living room. Check the Indoor Miniature Golf game here!

Watch the Indoor Mini Golf Game in action:

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