Inflatable Animal Floats For Your SUP Paddle Board | Stand Up Floats

This animal inspired inflatable stand-up paddle board floats turns your SUP paddle board into a whale, duck, orca, swan, shark, and unicorn. This inflatable seat attachment allows you to sit back and relax your mind on this summer. These animal shaped floats are called ‘Stand Up Floats’. Your kids will enjoy a lot while they come with you on your paddle board. These inflatable floats are comes with two different parts.

Inflatable Animal Paddle Board Floats:

Attach the head of the animal on the front of your paddle board. And attach the tail which comes with a seat on the back of your board. These floats will inspire your kids to get more exercise with the paddle board. The universal harness on the floats allows you to fix it on almost any kind of standard sup paddle board. The installation process is very easy and simple. All you have to do is, simply warp the straps around your board and fix the floats in place.

These floats are suitable for both hard and inflatable paddle-boards. The seat on the backside measures 13 inches wide. So it’s a comfortable seat for kids and some adults. This inflatable seat can holds up to  220 lbs of weight. Size of the each stand up paddle board animal floats are little different depends upon their design. Each floats comes with an instructions, harnesses and  patch kit to fit an accidental leaks or punctures. Check the Stand Up Floats Inflatables on!

Watch the Stand up Paddle Board Floats in action down below:

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