iNNOPOWER: A portable solar panel-table combo for camping


Sometimes you want to go camping in a self-sufficient, environmentally friendly, and complete off-the-grid way. But you don’t actually have a camping trip you dreamed about because of not having proper multi-use gears. This solar panel will turn into a table to set up all your drinks and food.

However, the iNNOPOWER packs a heavy solar panel and a bulky picnic table into a single compact and easy-to-carry design. Moreover, this portable solar panel-table combo for camping has 100w and 200w fast charging abilities and works with almost any power station.

Also, the foldable 2-in-1 design is sturdy enough to withstand 30 kg of maximum load. With a high conversion rate of 22.7%, the solar panel-camp table combo can quickly charge any electronic gadget such as smartphones, cameras, and other camping gear.


Furthermore, you can connect multiple panels to generate more energy and enlarge your table size depending on the occasion by connecting two or more tables. Moreover, the iNNOPOWER has a built-in compass that allows it to find the perfect angle to get more sunlight which enhances energy production.


Likewise, you can use the auxiliary device to get the optimal tilt angle and then adjust the tilting strap according to that. The solar panel table weighs only 4.3kg and measures 21.1×14.3×2.6 inches when folded. As a result, it is very compact to carry around and fits into your vehicle for easy transportation.


So you can fill the spare space in your vehicle with some other gears. That makes your camping, climbing, and BBQ occasions more enjoyable. Know more about the iNNOPOWER on their Kickstarter campaign. If it is interesting to you, you can get one portable solar panel-table combo for US$199 as an early bird pledge.

Source: innopower, Kickstarter

Watch the portable solar panel table in a video format

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