Keep Your Valuables Safe At Beach With The Beach Vault

The beach vault is a container that protects your valuables at the beach. Simply twist the container into the sand and keep your valuables safe at beach. It designed to let you nap on the beach with your valuables stowed away. Just push it into the sand, cover it with the custom towel and load it up with your valuables like tablet, wallet, keys, sunblocks, Bluetooth speaker, headset, flash charger, and your personal mobile phones.

The Beach Vault keeps your valuables safe at beach:

This unique beach safe provides complete security to your valuables and allows you to lay down, close your eyes and relax without any stress. Instead of attaching onto your beach chair or umbrella like other beach safes do. It’s unique screw base design allows you to twist all the way into the sand. And helps to keep your valuables completely invisible. It’s hollow interior space provides more room to place multiple things.

So, there is no-more lost keys, wet phones and stepping on your stuff. The Beach Vault provides complete safety solution to enjoy your beach trip. If you want to take something out from the safe then simply open the top lid to access. It’s silicone ring around the lid makes it completely water proof. And keeps your electronics dry. Check the safe beach vault on!

Watch The Beach Vault in action down below:

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