Kerry Kart 4 in 1 Utility Cart | Multi Purpose Cart Turns Into Dolly, Trolley, Hand Truck, Ladder

This unique multi purpose cart will helps you in multiple ways to move heavy things. Kerry Kart 4 in 1 utility cart will be transform into a dolly to move things, a trolley for hauling huge loads, a hand truck to go up and down and in and out of tight spaces and an amazingly super sturdy step ladder to get up safely. It doesn’t require any tools for the transformation process. The innovative design allows you to store compactly and it is ready to go when you need this.

I will make moving virtually anything a lot easier on your back. The worldwide patent pending design transform the Kerry Kart from dolly to trolley to hand truck to ladder in seconds without using any tools. This multi purpose cart must be the perfect solution to any job like move couches, mulch, equipment, and carry things from big-box stores. It works perfectly even over curbs or down the stairs.

It also has an incredible 45 degree resting angle on hand truck mode to take a break when moving heavy loads. Get up high safely with the ladder mode and use the wheel to roll in to the position. The last long steel construction can handle just about any load. So you can lighten your load on gardening, unloading the car, moving doors and dishwashers. The Kerry Kart was invented by Tom Wise, and he have been working on this design for  4 years.

The Kerry Kart 4 in 1 utility cart can handles up to 800 pounds as a dolly. As well as 250 as a ladder, 200 as a hand truck, and 600 pounds as a trolley. The solid skateboard type wheels gives you the smooth motion on any kind of surface. It’s made from the tubular steel and high grade plastic is used on the stairs. Finally, the 4 in 1 utility cart makes your work more enjoyable and easy. Check the Kerry Kart 4 in 1 Utility Cart here!

Watch the Multi Purpose Cart in action:

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