LED flasher armbands: A gesture-controlled turn signal for cyclists

When it’s too dark outside, looking cool and riding a great bike doesn’t attract other people’s attention. All you need right now are LED blinker lights to draw a large vehicle’s attention and provide visibility. The Flasher is a gesture-controlled turn signal armband that adds to the wearable cycling technology lineup.

Not only for cyclists, but this road safety gadget also has four different modes for different activities. That includes day mode, night mode, jogging mode, and even emergency mode. All you have to do is simply snap those bands on both the upper arms and just lift the arm to activate the blinker for the specific direction.

As a result, you’ll never lose your balance when signaling other vehicles approaching from behind. Moreover, once you hit the brake hard in an emergency situation, the bands will instantly identify the sudden stop and start illuminating the red light to alert other vehicles.


This small action will dramatically reduce the commitment of rear-end collisions which are common among cyclists. The LED flasher armband has a snap mechanism that adjusts and adapts to everyone’s arm size. On the other hand, the armbands are tucked into each other to easily fit into your backpack or handbag.


You can easily change the mode of the band by simply pressing the button. As I said earlier, you can easily turn on the signals while keeping your hands on the handlebar. well, no more losing balance and falling on the streets. When comes to the technical specification, the LED flasher armband feature 24 LED lights on each side.


The band itself is made out of ABS/PC hard case plus silicone wings. Further, its 700 mAh battery gets fully charged within 90 minutes (1,1/2 hours). Currently, the Flasher is raising funds on Kickstarter with an early bird pledge of US$161. Their planned retail price is €219 (roughly UD$235).

Source: Flasher, Kickstarter

Watch the LED flasher armbands in action

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