Liddiard Wheels | Omnidirectional Wheels That Move Sideways

These parallel parking tires moves sideways. These are omnidirectional wheels created by Liddiard Wheels. Canadian inventor William Liddiard made special rims. That rims have motorized rollers that spin the tire sideways. Each wheel can be operated independently for added mobility. This wheels made parallel parking easy for everyone. These tires can suitable for any vehicles and moves in any direction.

Liddiard filed a patent on this technology. The patent reveals how these awesome wheels work. The wheel includes specially designed rim and tires. The rim plates include free spin rollers mounted around the periphery of the rim plate. Motorized spin rollers installed on the rim hub. When activated, these motorized spin rollers rotate the tire horizontally. The tire comes with a central torus shaped member. That have multiple rollers in it.

The rubber tire itself is torus shaped. The rubber tire mounted over the rim. Free spin rollers also rotate along with the tire ans provide support. When all tires rotate in the same direction, the car moves sideways. When front and rear tires move in opposite directions, the car rotates around it’s axis. This provides exceptional mobility in tight spaces. There are also other omnidirectional wheels available in the market like Mecanum Wheels. There is a huge excitement in the world about omni-directional wheels. 

Finally the struggle parallel parking could be history. Thanks to he omnidirectional wheels. Because this tires perform lateral movements and rotations. The design is the first bolt-on application in this type. This wheels can handle up to 11,000 kg of torque and can fit any type of car.

Watch the video down below:


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