Best Light Bulb Changer Pole For High Ceiling | Mr. LongArm

This is a light bulb changer pole to change your old ceiling bulbs, and no matter how tall your ceiling is. Meet the ‘Mr. Longarm’ light bulb changer. It has a suction cup or springs to hold the light bulb on the ceiling. The pole can extend to reach up to 15 feet. This smart bulb changer with non-conductive extension poles allows both do-it-yourselfers and professional users to change hard-to-reach bulbs safely from the ground.

The non-conductive poles doesn’t have any metal parts. So it making them the very safest bulb changing solution. The smart bulb changers are available in three different sizes, they fit for incandescent, spotlight, and flood light bulbs. The heavy-duty version of this smart bulb changer will fits on most compact fluorescent, sodium, metal halide, and mobile based lamps. It’s easy to operate and anyone can change the ceiling bulb.

The flexible fingers of the heavy-duty bulb changer allow it to be used with the variety of bulb shapes and sizes. It’s perfect for changing the compact fluorescent bulbs. However the bulb’s fixtures leave the bulb exposed enough for the fingers fit around and grab bulb. All you have to do is, simply extent the pole to the desired length. Then raise the bulb changer up to the bulb and push it until it grabs the bulb.

Once the bulb changer in place, simply unscrew the bulb by turning it to the left and then carefully lower the bulb down. You can repeat the same process to screw the new bulb in place. The gripper style flexible fingers are one of the best features of the heavy-duty bulb changer. Mr.Longarm bulb changer and non-conductive poles are the perfect solution for those difficult to reach light bulbs. Check the Mr. LongArm bulb changer on!

Watch the Light Bulb Changer Pole in action:

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