Light Up Halloween Trick or Treat Buckets | Keep Kids Visible At Night

This LED light up trick or treat buckets extremely helps you to keep tracking your kids at Halloween night. And your cute little monsters feel safe when they rushing for the trick or treat. This glow in the dark Halloween candy buckets illuminate the entire bucket to create a spooky glow around your kid. It’s available in multiple different colors and designs. So it will perfectly fit for any kind of Halloween costume that your kids wear.

Light Up Halloween Buckets:

These LED light up buckets are created by the Virginia based Etsy store called “CoastalThreadsVA’. They have also provide custom designs. So you can prefer your children’s name or own design which have exactly matches with your kid’s costume. This unique hand made buckets are made of double walled plastic material. You can also get the the detachable handle to hold easily. They have used the LED lights with 3 AA batteries to illuminate the whole bucket.

This personalized Halloween bucket measures 6.75 inches in depth and 8 inches in diameter. You can easily turn on or off the lights with the button located on the bottom of the bucket. And the lights are securely placed in the middle of the double walled plastic, and those lights & wires are not accessible to little fingers. So it’s completely safe for your kids.

These buckets are comes in four different colors such as orange, blue, green and pink. They have also provide 6 different designs to choose from. The designs includes trick-or-treat, jack O’ lantern, Frankenstein, haunted house, unicorn and spider. If you don’t want the per-designed buckets, then simply customize them with your own design. Check the glow in the dark buckets on!

Watch the Glowing Candy Buckets in action down below:

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