Lumos Firefly: Synchronized bicycle head and tail lights for night riding

So are you the person who loves to ride the bike at night? In my opinion, those persons need some safety gadgets to protect themselves and make them visible in the dark by grabbing other vehicles’ attention. ‘Lumos Firefly’ is the synchronized and rechargeable bicycle lights system that helps you on that attention-seeking task.

Lumos is known for its smart helmet with turn signals. However, now that their helmet campaign had been a success, they had committed themselves to this attention-grabbing device. Moreover, those lights can be mounted on your bike via their universal mount and turn single mount.

An interesting feature here is, that the LED lights use a powerful magnet to attach to the mounts. Simply snap the lights into your bike and start riding. Not only as the attention seeker but the Lumos Firefly can also be used as the turn signal and brake lights.


The turn signals can be activated through their smartphone app or through the Lumos Remote. Also, there is a sensor on the remote that automatically detects when you slow down or apply the break and activate the red light to aware other motorists. Lumos found that the multiple moving unison lights grab more attention than other random blinkers.


As a result, your bike’s lights are all synchronized, and other riders in a group can do the same. Further, the Lumos Firefly can eliminate three different colored lights such as red, white, and yellow. If your bike has multiple lights, just set them up by selecting which light should function as the front light and which as the rear light through their app.

Also, you can choose the flashing mode and brightness depending on your ride. If your ride is too long then simply enable the battery saver mode which lasts up to 35 hours. The Lumos Firefly is raising funds on Kickstarter and an early bird pledge of US$29 will get you one.

Source: Kickstarter

Watch the Lumos Firefly synchronized bicycle head and tail lights in action

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