7 Unique Modern Dog Crates For All Dogs

In most cases dog is a part of the family for pet owners. Here is the list of most unique and modern dog crate for all dogs. Dogs get extremely anxious and afraid whenever you leave it lonely on the house. These modern dog kennels calms them during times of stress, like fireworks, thunderstorms, and separation.  These extremely unique modern dog pens and modern dog houses will help you to calm your furry friend while you are not in home.

Modern Dog Crate:

Here we go with the list of the unique dog create. It you found and dog pens creative the simply share with your friend or family member who love their dog. These dog crate furniture must be the perfect gift idea for dog owners and pet lovers.

#1 The Smart Anti-Anxiety Dog Crate:

This ZENCRATE anti-anxiety dog den comes with a proximity sensors, WiFi, camera, motion- activated music, motion-activated fan and vibration-dampening feet. It automatically activated the music, fan and camera when your dog enters. So your furry little buddy have a safe place to calm his anxiety while you are not in home. Check the ZENCRATE anti-anxiety dog den here!

#2 Clearly Loved Pets Transparent Dog Pen:

The Clearly Loved Pets modern dog crates provides clear view of you, your home and your yard. So it will extremely reduce your dog’s stress while it’s alone. This creative glass walled indoor dog pen is made for small and medium sized dogs. This transparent dog pen is much better than a small cage. Check the Clearly Loved Pets Dog Pen here!

#3 Noise Cancelling Dog Crate:

This is the Ford noise cancelling dog house. It protects your furry friend from thunder, fireworks, and other scary loud noises which may scare your dog. This dog crate uses the technology that found in headphones and cars to protect your dog’s sensitive ears. Check the Ford noise cancelling dog house here!

#4 Modern Dog House:

This modern and shiny dog crate is called CUBIX house. The puristic colors, clear lines and glass cladding ultimately attract your guests and make your yard more stylish. The spacious Cubix provides coo, airy spot for your dog to relax naturally. This modern dog house available in three different sizes. Check the CUBIX house here!

#5 MDK9 Dog House:

Now you can move your dog into this luxurious MDK9 dog house. This house was made from the powder coated steel, concrete, and Brazilian teak. So it provides a peaceful and strong crate fro your dog. It designed to maintain continuous air flow. And the removable side panel provides an extra ventilation that keeps your dog cool. Check the MDK9 dog house here!

#6 Dog Bed Bunk Beds:

This Merry Pet wooden little dog house with balcony is perfect for two small to medium sized dogs. The strong and durable construction is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. It’s called ‘Wood Room with a View Pet House’. and made from the natural color treated kiln-dried cedar wood. Check the Wood Room with a View Pet House on amazon.com!

#7 Portable Outdoor Crate:

This fordable and portable modern dog crate is perfect for road trips, camping and any kind of outdoor events. It’s called the ‘Noz2Noz’ Soft-Krater Crate. The zipper doors keeps your dog into the crate. The strong  steel frame can fold and unfold in few seconds. The breathable mesh panels provides a smooth airflow. Check the Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Indoor and Outdoor Crate on Amazon.com!


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