Best Motorcycle Camping Tent System | Goose Wingman Of The Road

This motorcycle camping tent system is perfect outdoor gear for bikers to completely achieve their adventurous dream. It called the Goose motorbike tent created by  the company called ‘Wingman Of The Road’. The tent cover made from the waterproof and UV-resistant coated ripstop camping material. It also features PVC flooring, a sleeping bag and a mattress. This bike tent rolls up into an portable package for an easy transportation. Simply attach the tent on back of your bike and carry around this portable tent wherever you go.

Goose Motorcycle Camping Tent System:

Unlike other camping tents, you can easily setup and pack down the tent in less then 5 minutes. The waterproof breathable canvas tent cover is suitable for ant weather conditions and seasons. And the tent can be setup with almost any kind of motorcycle. If you don’t want to attach your motorcycle with the tent, then you can simply setup the tent without bike. Once you setup the tent it measures 200cm in length, 75cm in Width, 70cm in Height. And it weights only 10kg. This lone rider mini tent has 2 zip-able flaps on it’s two sides, Fly nets on it’s front and back and canvas to protect you from sunlight or rain. 

All of them are zipped up for safety. So you can enter into the little tent from all four sides. You can use the Rok Straps, ratchet straps or bungees to securely attach the motorcycle camping tent on your passenger seat. Unlike other mini tents, it will hold its own shape without pegging it out. So no-more worrying pegs, guiding rope and setup location. So this handy tent allows you to simply ride the bike to the spot you’d like to sleep and then unroll the Goose camping tent. Finally, even bikers can have a peaceful, analog night enjoyable camping time in their own tent. Check the Goose bike tent on!

Watch the Goose Motorcycle Camping Tent in action down below:

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