CrossHelmet | Smart Motorcycle Helmet With Rear View Camera

This stylish helmet features a futuristic AR display. These smart motorcycle helmet with rear view camera also have a navigation system. That enables a smart riding experience to users. The CrossHelmet provides groundbreaking technology to riders with the sound control system to block out distracting noise. And the hi-fi headphone allows wearers to hear phone calls, music, and interact with the virtual assistance like Siri or Google helper. With the help of increased visual aids and hands free connectivity riders can focus on cruising in style.

The integrated head-up display provides a 360° range of vision for riders. And the sound management system will seduce the excess noise from the road and provides peaceful mindset to the rider. The in-built head-up display allows you to keep your eye behind you and displays data about your trip, navigation, speed, weather, time while you drive. The safety LED lights on the helmet increase visibility at night time ride.

This smart helmet will connect with your smartphone via Bluetooth to play music or group conversation with other riders. The touch gestures on the side of the helmet allows you to turn the volume up or down, play or pause music, and change tracks with a simple touch. It will work perfectly even while you wearing motorcycle gloves. This smart motorcycle helmet with rear view camera will easily connects with an apps on both Android and iOS.

This smart helmet uses the rechargeable solid-state lithium-ceramic battery which can last up to 6-8 Hours. These helmets are available in couple of colors like Luster Black, Iron Silver and comes in two different sizes. It also features a GPS technology, GLONASS service, Bluetooth 4.1 BLE, , and a white color LED light. Finally, the LEXAN polycarbonate is used as the shell material for the helmet, so it provides an ultimate protection to your head at the same time. Check the CrossHelmet here!

Watch the Smart Motorcycle Helmet With Rear View Camera in action:

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