Best Motorcycle Tie Downs For Trailer | B&W Biker Bar

Now you can load or unload your favorite Harley Davidson in just a seconds without getting scratches by using this motorcycle tie downs. This motorcycle trailer tie down system have a bar that locks down your bike in your trailer. This ultimate strapless motorcycle tie down kit is called Biker bar and it’s created by B&W trailers. It consists  of a bar you attach to your motorcycle and a latching system installed in your trailer. It’s designed to be a quicker alternative to straps.

It’s very simple and easy to use. All you have to do is just drive your bike over steep, pitched landscape with your bicycle safely hooked. Fix the adjustable clamping bar to the bottom of your bike with neoprene lined clamps and it also prevents scratches. You can always remove clamping bar when not in use. Even a single person can easily load or unload your bike to the trailer. Just sit on your bike to load and unload.

You can easily remove the system by simply unscrew the 2 bolts on the top side of the floor. And also you don’t have to crawling underneath the trailer. The installation of the anchor plates may take approximately 1 hour. This device doesn’t need any wheel chock. You can use the wheel chock if you are worried about the handle bars hitting something in transit. This Biker Bar will perfectly fits on all Harley Davidson motorcycles contains factory painted frames.

This system will saves your time by eliminating the messy straps. It can also be mounted in your garage to store your bike safely. Finally, you can adjust it form Six 1/4″ in vertical position to fit different sized motorcycle. Check the B&W bike bar on!

Watch the B&W Biker Bar Motorcycle Tie Downs in action:

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