Mountain Buggy Bagrider | Suitcase That Turns Into Baby Stroller

This suitcase turns in to a baby Stroller. The Mountain Buggy Bagrider was created by aircrew members. Because they need to travel with their kids. It’s a carry-on that seamlessly converts in to a travelling seat for infants. It makes family travel easier. And It can holds up to 33 pounds of weight. This suitcase can carry your baby and luggage. So this must be the perfect solution for your dual problem.

Mountain Buggy

The bagrider have fore wheels for smooth and comfortable movement on rough surface. You can use the like an ordinary suitcase when it’s not carrying your kid. This bagrider was designed for safety and durability. They make the frames from strong nylon plastic material. It will support up to 15kg/33lbs of weight. The 4 wheel buggy gives you the four point of ground contact. That will keep your kid’s center of gravity between the tire base.

Mountain Buggy

This suitcase gives you a 35L of storage capability. And the zipper allows you to divide and organize your things. The additional pocket is perfect for keeping your phone and passport safely. Just turn your suitcase in to a baby stroller in seconds. Mountain Buggy Bagrider help you the most when you travel alone with your little one.  Check it out!


Watch the Video Down Below!

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