6-in-1 Newborn Nursery Furniture For Travelling | La Multi

This unique newborn nursery furniture can change from a suitcase to a bassinet, baby rocker, bathtub, changing table and a high chair. It’s called La Multi, and this 6-in-1 newborn care kit comes with everyday parenting supplies that your baby might need. Travelling with a baby is not an easy task. But luckily this France based company called ‘Canailles Dream’ invented this multi functional suitcase for new parents. Also it has a massive space to carry your baby’s stuffs such as cloths, toys, foods and any kind of essential items that your baby need.

6-in-1 Newborn Nursery Furniture For Travelling:

The multi functional baby care suitcase measures 35.78 inches in length, 19.52 inches in width and 20.31 inches thickness. And it weights only 28.66 lbs. So there is enough space to add extra 21 lbs of weight to reach the airline’s weight limit of 50 lbs. The La Multi parenting suitcase uses it’s handle as the legs while on a  changing table, bassinet, or a bathtub mode. All you have to do is, simply unzip the top part on this suitcase and place your baby safely inside. The top of the luggage that you have unzipped earlier can be used as a baby rocker or baby seat.

You can also attach the legs on the baby rocker to increase the height. So you can easily feed your baby without bend over. If you are staying in a hotel or AirBnB, then simply attach the fitted linen to turn the luggage in to a bassinet. Also turn this into a bathtub by replacing the fitted linen with bath liner and fill it with water. Once you done with the bath, simply remove the bottom to completely drain the water. This suitcase can easily hold the babies weights up to 24.25 lbs. Finally, this 6-in-1 travel luggage makes every new parent’s life easier when they travel together. Check the La Multi luggage on CanaillesDream.com!

Watch the 6-in-1 Ultimate Newborn Luggage in action:

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