Otoset: This device cleans a year’s worth of earwax buildup in minutes

It can be annoying and even painful to have excess earwax. Earwax candles, cotton swabs, and ear syringes are the standard traditional ways of removing earwax, however, they can be messy and potentially harmful to the ear canal. Thankfully, the OtoSet Ear Cleansing System provides a risk-free, effective, and clean solution to this issue.

The OtoSet Ear Cleaning System is a handheld device designed to remove years worth of earwax buildup in a matter of minutes. It was invented by the founder and a biomedical engineer of ‘SafKan Health’ who wants to solve his own earwax problem.

This process is quick, efficient, and mess-free, making it a popular choice for healthcare professionals. Here’s how it actually works. The system uses disposable ear tips to send a cleaning solution to the walls of your ear canal. After that, it breaks down earwax and sucks it out with continuous micro-suction. For simple disposal, the contaminated liquid will be kept in recyclable trash containers.

SafKan Health

One of the key benefits of the OtoSet Ear Cleaning System is its ability to reduce procedure time from 20 minutes to less than 5 minutes. This is a significant time-saving benefit for both patients and healthcare professionals. Further, the device comes in two different buying options a 1-year bundle and a 6-month bundle.

SafKan Health

The 1-year bundle includes the device, USB charger, 30 boxes of disposable ear tips, and a recyclable waste container. In other words, it can treat up to 240 ears. This bundle is an excellent value for healthcare professionals who require a high volume of earwax removal procedures.

SafKan Health

Moreover, the OtoSet is a game-changer for those suffering from earwax buildup. With its quick, efficient, and mess-free cleaning process, it offers a superior alternative to traditional earwax removal methods. According to their website, the 1-year bundle costs around US$2,753 and the 6-month bundle costs around US$1,876.

Source: SafKan Health

Watch the OtoSet ear cleaning system in this video

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