Outisan: What! can this foldable electric utility wagon convert 180 lbs to 10 lbs?


We have seen different types of collapsible utility wagons, yard carts, and heavy-duty wagons for the beach, garden, sports, and every outdoor activity. But never have we seen a foldable electric utility wagon that has a powerful uphill & downhill assistant with in-wheel motors.

The Outisan e-wagon is an outdoor electric wagon that effectively assists you with its brushless DC motors, motion sensors, and control algorithm. However, Outisan is a Hong Kong-based startup that always trying to make going outdoors easier than ever.

Moreover, the maximum loading capacity of this utility wagon is 180 lbs. With its foldable tailgate, you can load objects that are longer than the wagon and other uneven shaped objects. As I said earlier, the uphill power assist makes your load even lighter. That is to say, You will feel only 10 lbs of weight while you actually dragging 180 lbs of weight.


In the same vein, its hill descent control maintains a steady speed and takes all the weight out of your legs when you go downhill. The smart handle system of this foldable electric utility wagon will activate the movement of the cart and also features a reverse control button.


Further, the detachable battery on the wagon takes 3 hours to get fully charged and offers 7 miles of usage time. Above all, the rubber wheels with tread patterns make it easier to move around almost any terrain. That includes roads, hiking trails, grass fields, and even beaches.


Don’t forget about the folding mechanism, the movable metal frames fold and unfold in seconds and easily fit in your car’s trunk. Additionally, the Outisan utility wagon also have some fancy features too. That includes a built-in front and backlight, USB & Type-C charging port, and IP66 waterproofing. If you found this invention useful to you, then check out their Kickstarter campaign.

Source: Kickstarter

Watch the Outisan foldable electric utility wagon in this video

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