Check Out This Spooky Pennywise Clown Bath Bomb

This Halloween you can float in your bathtub with the extremely creepiest Pennywise Bath Bomb. It comes in a shape of an iconic clown from the IT movie. Once you place the spooky clown bath bomb in to your bathtub, his face slowly melts away while he looking at you. So this bath bomb helps you to take a most creepy bath this Halloween. This hand painted Halloween bath bombs are created by the Missouri, USA based company called ‘BareBumShop’. Not only Penny wise, they also have different unique shaped spooky bath bombs and sell them on their Etsy store.

Spooky Pennywise Clown Bath Bomb for this Halloween:

This completely hand made bath bomb was made from the materials such as bio glitter, witch hazel, poly 80, citric acid and shea butter. And they have painted with hands to give more details on the bath bomb. It comes in a orange and red color combo. So it will make an illusion of bleeding clown when it starts to melt away from your bathtub water. And it must be the perfect gift idea for the person in your family who loves the IT movie and Halloween season.

Not only IT clown, BareBumShop the Etsy store that also makes other terrifying bath bomb shapes such as Chucky from the Child’s Play movies, a creepy Nun, a Vampire, a skull, a creepy doll and a Michael from the Halloween movies. This pennywise bath bomb weights approximately 6oz. So it’s fair enough to fill your bathtub with lots of flavors and colors. Finally, This uniquely creepy bath bombs will make bath time around Halloween season even more spooky. Check the IT Clown Bath Bomb on!

Watch the Penny wise Clown Bath Bomb in action down below:

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