10 Personal Transportation Vehicles That Are Fun to Ride

Driving fast cars in the near future will not bring any fun. Because of these innovative personal transportation vehicles are as fun as they are eco-friendly. However, these transportations are designed for making your journey better. Do you love to commute and want to zoom past the traffic in your busy city? Then these vehicles should change your lifestyle.

Stator Electric Scooter

The Stator is an extremely powerful electric scooter with a self-balancing design. So it’s ideal for a person with a minimum skill level. However, it features an RFID keyless start-up, 1000W geared motor, lithium batteries, and a folding handlebar. With a single charge it can reach up to 20 miles with a maximum speed of 25 mph. The STATOR starts at $3,995 on Stator.com!

DC-Tri Stand Up Trike

This DC-Tri electric stand up trike comes with a giant front wheel that helps you to ride on any kind of uneven terrain. Above all, it’s suspension and five-mode controllers provide a smooth and fast ride. It has a 30-mile range and zero-turning radios. This stand-up trike is ideal for a fun filed Reid in a town. Check the stand-up trike on Dc-tri.com!

MiniFalcon Compact E-Scooter

MiniFalcon is the ultimate commuter scooter that folds down to fit in your bag. So you can carry this handheld electric scooter anywhere. However, it provides nine miles of range on a single charge. Surprisingly, it’s kinetic energy recovery system recharges the battery when you use it as a regular scooter. Check the MiniFalcon on Indiegogo.com!

Kiwano KO1+ One Wheel E-Scooter

You will have a unique riding experience with Kiwano KO1+ because it has only one wheel. Its powerful electric motor allows you to reach up to 12 mph. Moreover, it also features intuitive body control, smooth braking, and have both forward and backward motion. The LCD display lets you track battery level, and speed while riding. Check the Kiwano KO1+ on Amazon.com!

Bio-Hybrid Bicycle-Car

The Bio-Hybrid is a combination of bicycle and car that provides a relaxed leisure fun. It works on both pedal power and electric power. This four-wheel vehicle has the freedom of a bicycle and the comforts of a car. However, it’s integrated roof allows you to commute in any weather conditions. Check the bicycle-car on Biohybrid.com!

Vinghen Ti1 Fat Bike-Tire Scooter

The Vinghen Ti1 is an electric scooter that has a fat bike style tire to drive smoothly on snow, pothole-filled roads and gravel paths. However, it features 250-watt rear hub motor, longboard inspired plywood deck, 36V lithium-ion battery, and a handlebar-mounted throttle. The top speed of this electric vehicle is 15 mph. The Vinghen Ti1 starts at $619 on Kickstarter.com!

JUNTO MetroMule Cargo eBike

The JUNTO MetroMule is a uniquely designed cargo e-bike that comes with three different storage compartments. So there is a lot more space as your car’s boot. But it’s completely eco friendly and produces zero carbon when compared to your car. However, it’s can easily carry up to 500lbs of weight. And, ideal for grocery grabbing, family picnic, package delivery, and more. The JUNTO MetroMule starts at $1,099 on Indiegogo.com!

Drift W1 Electric Skates

The Segway Drift W1 electric skates are extremely portable and provide joyfully commute to out with friends. Its unique self-balance wheel technology allows you to move effortlessly. Moreover, you can easily move forward and backward by leaning slightly in a particular direction. Check the Segway Drift W1 on Amazon.com!

Onewheel Pint Mini Electric Board

This compact and lightweight ‘Onewheel Pint’ mini electric board can reach up to 16 mph. It also features an LED light bar display, carrying handle, stopping technology and durable 10.5 x 4.5-6 tire. However, this electric board and go up to 8 miles on a single charge. The Pint mini electric board starts at $950 on Onewheel.com!

Levy Electric Scooter

The Levy is a foldable and lightweight scooter that comes with a swappable battery. That means you can simply replace the additional battery and continue the journey. It’s Panasonic lithium-ion battery can last up to 10 miles. And, the 350-watt motor provides a top speed of 18 mph. The Levy e-scooter starts at $499 on Levyelectric.com!

Coolest Personal Vehicles And Transportation

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