PikaBoost: An electric bike conversion kit that improves your cardio fitness exercise

Do you love using old, vintage bikes for cardio fitness exercises? If so, electric bikes have no place in your heart. What if, though, an electric bike conversion kit gives your bicycle a futuristic function and enables you to workout even more ferociously?

The PickaBoost is an innovative e-bike conversion kit that will fit almost any kind of bike such as a mountain bike, road bike, BMX bike, gravel bike, and more. However, the installation of this electric bike kit doesn’t require any tools and takes only 30 seconds to complete the process.

The clean and simple design includes a controller, a motorized hub, and a battery pack. When talking about the battery, this unique electric cycle kit uses 18 individual cells of 18650 Lithium batteries to produce 234Wh of power. That is to say, this 3kg e-bike conversion battery offers a seamless 30km of driving range.


There are three different riding modes you can choose from. That includes cruise mode, ECO mode, and exercise mode. As I said earlier this bicycle electric motor kit helps with cardio fitness exercise. That is to say, when you are in exercise mode the PickaBoost acts as a dynamo and applies a significant amount of resistance when you pedal.


Did I say Dynamo? So does this thing generate electricity? Yes definitely, when you are in workout mode it converts kinetic energy into electrical energy to extend the driving range. Also, it has a USB socket to charge other bicycle accessories on the go.


Moreover, this electric bicycle kit with battery packs lots of safety features. That includes an e-brake, fall detection, slip detection, auto-sensing rear light, IP66 water resistance, and an anti-slip wheel. When comes to speed, the rider can customize the top speed up to 35km/h using the smartphone app.

Furthermore, it uses Automatic Adaptive Rate (AAR) technology. That means the advanced sensors monitor the road condition and bicycle speed in real-time, and adjust the motor power without any delay. You can get more information about the PickaBoost electric bike conversion kit on their campaign.

Source: Kickstarter, Livall

Watch the PikaBoost electric bike conversion kit in this video

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