Pimple Popping Game | Squirts Pimple Juice On Your Face

Now you can take turns popping puss-filled pimples without setting off the mega zit. This unique pimple popping game is called ‘Pimple Pete’. And this toy will be the perfect option for your next family game night. It’s designed for two or more multiple players. So you will earn points for each pimples you pop and whoever bursts the megs zit gets eliminated. This stress buster toy is perfect for the person who loves weirdo things.

Extreme Pimple Popping Game:

You can easily setup this toy and start playing in few seconds. All you have to do is, simply load the squishy pimples into pete’s face and fill the mega-zit plunger with water. Then turn the pete’s face towards you. After that, you have to spin the spinner to choose the player. And the player need to carefully wiggle and pop the pimple with out upsetting pete. Above all, Some pimples are easy to pull out and some will require tugging.

If you pop too hard, then it will trigger the mega-zit plunger and squirt the pimple juice on your face. The player with the highest score is the pimple pete champion. And also whoever gets sprayed most loses the game. This hole toy package comes with one pimple pete head, one spinner base, 18 pimples and one mega-zit plunger. Finally, here is the funniest and easy-to -play game is perfect for kids aged 5 and up. Check the Pimple Pete Game on Amazon.com!

Watch the Pimple Popper Game in action down below:

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