Funny Pee & Poo Pants Costume | Weirdest Pre-Soiled Pants

These weirdest pre-soiled pants comes with a poop stain down the back and an urine stain down the front. So you can grab everyone’s attention while you walk on a street or dancing on a Halloween party.  This must be a perfect gag Halloween costume for this year or you can use it to prank your friends. This pee & poo pants called the ‘Goosh Pants’ created by the Illinois based company called ‘Zagone Studios’. Non of the most scariest Halloween costume in the world will keep people ran away from you like these pee and poo pants does. 

Weirdest Pre-Soiled Pants | Pee & Poo Pants:

This most disgusting looking pants are made from the 100% Polyester material. Those pure white pants creates an eye-catching visuals like you are drenched in number one all over the front. And also browned-out number two all over the back side. If you truly want to stand alone and stand unique on upcoming Halloween, this pee and poop pants will be your partner this year. And add some creativity by wear a great geezer mask and turn yourself as a great old man or woman while you wearing this pants.

So everyone will believe that the pee and poop is real because of it’s unique coloring and shape. This pre-soiled pants comes in a single and which can fit for all. You can use this costume for Halloween, birthday parties, pranks and even bachelor party. So this costume will remain every youngsters that one day they where closer to this probably.  Check the Pee & Poo Pants on!

Watch the Funny Pee & Poo Pants Costume in action down below:

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