Powerful Pull Start Fire Starter For Camping

This pull string fire starter is a unique camping gear that helps you to start fire easily in any weather condition. This camping fire making kit was created by the company called ‘Pull Start Fire’. It’s engineered design allows you to start fire without kindling. And it can also light wet woods. This camping device can able to burn for up to 30 minutes. This must be the perfect tool to start your camp fire on windy or rainy conditions.

Pull Start Fire Starter For Camping:

Any one can easily operate the Pull Start Fire. All you have to do is, simply loop the green string around a log to secure. And build a structure of logs, then pull the red colored string to engage the fire. This device can able to burn for over 30 minutes on it’s own. It’s a waterproof, windproof,rainproof, eco-friendly and a safety fire source to cook over. It’s made from the 85% recycled material. So it’s pretty safe for the environment.

Whether you are hiking, camping, or having a fire in your backyard to relax. But instead you are stuck with the chore of starting a fire, by using a wet log or on a bad weather condition. This Pull Start Fire makes starting a fire is more fun and enjoyable. It’s red string need to be pulled with a force greater than 3 lbs. So, it provides more safety and won’t start the fire accidentally. Finally, this camping gear needs no matches, no lighter and no kindling regardless of the condition of your wood.  Check the Pull String Firestarter on Amazon.com!

Watch the Pull Start Fire Starter For Camping in action:

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