Quite Lite Plastic Cabin | A Diy Shelter Kit Needs Just One Person and a Screwdriver to Install

The camping technology that existed on the day of its inception is now much more advanced. This ‘Quite Lite Quick Cabin’ is a reflection of the technology that has made camping so much easier and more enjoyable. However, this 10’x10’ modular plastic cabin comes as a ready-to-install kit and requires just a screwdriver to setup.

Back in 2009, the Quite Lite plastic cabin was created by Lawrence Drake as a retirement project. Moreover, this modular cabin has complete insulation to withstand any harsh weather conditions. Also, all the components are UV-treated to make the shelter lost long.

The cabin has four main parts such as a molded polyethylene panels, a lightweight aluminum tubing door, a shatterproof acrylic window, and a heavy-duty vinyl roof. Those unique shaped panels snap together to create a wall that offers more interior space without a large footprint.

Also, a watertight edge gasket acts as a shield to prevent water or any other debris enter into the cabin. Each panels measures 60″ x 21″ x 2-3″ and weighs 21 lbs. Because of the cabin’s modest weight, a single person can install it without the assistance of others. Moreover, you can extend the cabin with the extension kit.

Each kit comes with an additional 4 panels and a roof extension. As a result, the shelter can increase its space from 10’x10’ to 10’x13.5’ or 10’x17’. Further, the Quite Lite cabin is useful for camping and would be helpful for researchers working remotely.

Source: Quite Lite

Watch the Quite Lite cabin in action

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