Easily Reduce Heat in Parked Car | Solar Powered Car Ventilation Fan

We spend a lot of time in our cars, it’s our third home after our real home and workplaces. But your car becomes a dangerous place every time you park your car under the sun and lock it. This ventilator system reduces heat in a parked car and keeps your car cooler by as much as 36 degrees Fahrenheit. It is the Acool solar-powered car ventilation fan created by Syntron. You have to attach two vents on your both back windows.


One of them blows hot air out and the other takes cooler air in. It’s powered by solar panels which will be placed on your dashboard. Even with the cool outside temperature of 24 degrees Celsius. The car’s inside temperature can raise 10 degree Celsius within 10 minutes. And pollutant volatile organic compound concentration can be six times higher. Also, the high heat causes the interior to degrade with a shorter life.


The custom design of this Acool ventilator is made according to the dimensions of each car’s rear door window. It protects your car to stay securely closed while the ventilation does its work. With a speedy air exchange system Acool can reduce in-car temperature by up to 15 to 20 degree Celsius, pollutant volatile organic compound concentration up to 80%, and down the startup fuel usage by 50%.


The car ventilation system is powered by a 50-watt solar panel. Both vents have four blower fans, and each fan has a speed of 4,000 rpm. They provide an airflow of 1.72 cubic meters per minute. So, in just five minutes this cross ventilation can replace all of the air in an average-sized car at least twice. With all these great features ‘Acool’ maintains a safe and comfortable car for you and your family. Check the Acool Solar Powered Car Ventilation Fan on Kickstarter.com!

Source: ACOOL

Watch how the Acool Reduce Heat in Parked Cars in this video

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