Reevo Hubless Bike | A Futuristic-Looking E-Bikes With Spokeless Wheel Technology!

The Reevo hubless bike looks like something came from an alien planet. It has a pair of spokeless wheels that takes e-bike engineering to its limit. Moreover, this fun-to-ride electric bike is equipped with tons of safety features and unique gadgetry.

The Reevo was invented by a team of engineers from a startup called ‘Beno’ (short form of Be Innovative). It is known for its cool looking and safest e-bike designs. Above all, The Beno Technologies team has spent almost 4 years to design and test the perfect prototype of this hubless bike. Not only a stylish bike, but it also has some spectacular security features to protect the bike from being stolen.

Its triple barrier anti-theft system features biometric, fingerprint activation lock, GPS tracking, motion detection, and an integrated lock housed within the frame. However, it has two different motor options such as a 750 watt motor in the US and 250 watts for EU users. The 750 watt motor with throttle and pedal assistant will reach the max speed up to 25mph.

Moreover, Its 48V, 10.5 Ah lithium-ion battery offers 37 miles of riding range with a single charge. Fortunately, the battery takes only 3 hours to get fully charged. No more worries when it gets dark! That is to say, the Reevo has an ambient light sensor that automatically turns on or off the 800-lumens headlamp and taillight when it detects darkness.

It also has a built-in-turn signal, so no more risky hand signals on a busy road. The company claimed that the hubless wheels can withstand impacts and carry up to 265lbs of the load. In addition, The universal phone cradle and a USB port allow you to navigate and track your activity. By the way, their smartphone app will help with that. Finally, the Reevo bike is available for pre-order and costs about US$2,199 on Indiegogo!

Source: Reevobikes Indiegogo

Watch the Reevo hubless bike in action

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