Roof Ladder | The Goat Steep Assist

This roof ladder hooks onto your roof. It’s called the “The Goat Steep Assist”. It was designed to make roof work or inspection safer. Three six-foot adjustable poles connect to each other. The hook attaches to the top of the roof. It has handles to help you maintain stability. the ladder has a weight limit of 350 LB. And should not be used on roofs steeper than 45 degrees. Now you can easily walk on your roof with the assistance of this ladder.

The Compact Goat comes with five 4′ poles and a delicate touch hook pad and wheel. The length of the ladder will be 20LF and the Total weight 16LBS. This roof ladder can holds up to 350 lbs of weight. And make sure that the rooftop pitch limits do not exeed 45 degrees and 12/12 pitch. Make sure and double check to verify that the device perfectly fits on the roof before you climb on. Do not pull the ladder when you use it on the roof.

The Goat was intended to make the rooftop inspectors life more secure and more efficient. The Goat Steep Assist enables you to get on and off of rooftops and furthermore the capacity to move around securely. The Goat will significantly reduce setup time to get to rooftops. It likewise works awesome for the first man up to set up rope and tackle latches at the edge.

The Goat roof ladder made with an aluminum frame. And  a plastic mold handles are protect your hands from the shingles on hot days. While rope and saddle had been the best way to securely inspect steep roofs. This instrument is more effective and in the meantime will not damage shingles. It makes The Goat exceptionally lightweight and simple to work with. Check it out!

Watch the video down below:

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