Best Self Back Massager | Relieve Back Pain With Backmate

This self back massager will easily massage any muscle from head to toe. The Backmate can fits into any kind of doorway. So you can turn your home or office into a world class wellness center in few seconds. This self massage tool is perfect for tension, pain relief, muscle recovery, strengthening and relaxing. Unlike other expensive therapy or pain pills, The Backmate is a long-term solution for back pain relief.

Self Back Massager | Backmate:

The Backmate is a simple and intuitive tool that sets up in any doorway in seconds and gives fast and long lasting back pain relief. And spend just to minutes per day to heal any kind of muscle pain on your body. The adjustable design of this tool will fit in 24” – 36” doorways. After fixing the massager on the door way, simply lean into the massage tool where you got pain and tension and relax.

It have a fully rotating massage head with dual-roller design. So it can fit into any kind of muscle groups and hit the perfect angle to relieve pain. This device weighs only 4 lbs, and it’s collapsible design will easily fit into a standard size suitcase or travel bag. It’s removable end cap makes it more portable and easy to store when not in use. The backmate made from the high grade 304 stainless steel and engineering grade polymers materials.

You can easily setup or remove the massaging tool with a push of a button. And this back massager can handles up to 300 lbs of weight. So with this ultimate massaging tool you can relieve upper and lower back pain, alleviate tension headaches, improve mobility and range of motion. And also this device regulates the nervous system for daily stress relief. Finally, you can relieve your back pain in office, the hotel, and even the gym. Check the Backmate on!

Watch the Self Massager Backmate in action down below:

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