This Self-Sealing Trash Can also Change the Bag on Its Own

Kitchen waste management solutions will determine the quality of a kitchen in any home. Nowadays our household trash cans have also been improved by technology. In other words, it gets even smarter and blends with any interior design of the house. Meet the TOWNEW, a smart automatic trash can that can seal and change the bag on its own.

As a result, humans can stay away from the garbage and keep their kitchens clean without using their hands. However, you don’t even have to lift the lid because of the latest sensor technology. That is to say, the TOWNEW comes with an infrared sensor that detects motions and objects from 35 cm and automatically lifts the lid. After you dump the trash, the lid closes automatically and makes contact with the magnetic outer ring.

As a result, even when the trash can is full of waste, there is no longer any bad odor. This 4-gallon electric trash can comes with a trash bag refill ring. Each refill ring contains 25 long-lasting trash bags that will last for around a month. The TOWNEW was invented by Matthew Xu and manufactured by Toronto, Canada-based company Knectek Labs.

Moreover, Matthew spends almost 3 years developing the self-sealing and changing trash can. However, the exterior of the trash can uses ABS material. It measures 15.5″ in height and 12.2″ in width. It’s an electric trash can. So it features a 12V 2.2 Ah rechargeable battery that gets fully charged within 10 hours.

Above all, the bin also features a touch button, an on/off button, and a charging port. Tap the button once to keep the lid open or hold the button for 3 seconds to automatically seal the bag with the help of thermoplastic sealing technology. Is that cool? Then get one for your modern tiny kitchen. Check the TOWNEW on!

Source: Townew

Watch the self-sealing trash can in action

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