10 Smart home items and gadgets for modern life

It’s pretty much a guarantee that everyone wants to improve their modern lifestyle with innovative tech gadgets in the 21st century. There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to smart living gadgets including physical and mental health, comforts, automation, and security. I have listed all smart tech gadgets that assist you to live better and smarter.

Arebo body dryer smart gadget

 Drying your entire body and hair with a towel will consume more time on a busy morning. Arebo is a unique daily care gadget that dries your body from all angles. Simply step on it, and it will automatically turn on and blowing wind from the bottom at around 33-38 mph. However, this device and holds up to 330 lbs of weight. The Arebo priced around $240 on Kickstarter.com!

Nexfan ultra air cooler smart gadget

NexFan is an ultra-portable air cooler that comes with a sterilizing ability. The combination of UV-C and nano silver-ion sterilization mechanism kills almost 99.9% of bacteria in the water. The NexFan air cooler can decrease your room temperature up to 5℃. And, its multiple blowing angles can deliver a crisp, refreshing breeze in any direction up to 5 feet. The Nexfan cooler is priced for around $45 on Indiegogo.com!

Ticktime timer smart gadget

In this 21st Century, most of us do our favorite job remotely. TickTime will help us to manage our time to increase productivity while reminding us that we still have time for family and friends. This compact-size timer features an LED display, magnetic surface, and flip and switch mode. Simply turn it on and flip the sides to choose the minutes. The Ticktime starts at $39 on Indiegogo.com!

M-CARE UV sanitizing sonic toothbrush smart gadget

The M-Care sonic toothbrush comes with a UV light enabled charging station that kills harmful bacteria, fungi, and harbor viruses. However, it has three different brush modes such as standard, soft, and whitening. Furthermore, it also comes with a compact travel case that allows you to charges the toothbrush wirelessly. The M-Care toothbrush starts at $39 on Indiegogo.com!

Neckair Wearable Neck Muscle Massager smart gadget

Have you ever felt neck pain after a stressful brainstorming session in your office? However, NECKAIR is a compact, hands-free and wearable neck massager that improves your neck muscle comfort without taking a break. The built-in magnets will increase the blood flow, oxygenation and removes neck spasms, pain. The NECKAIR starts at $69 on Kickstarter.com!

Smart Security Camera That Fits On Any Door

Remo+ DoorCam is a wireless over-the-door smart security camera that mounts on any door. This Wi-Fi-enabled smart device also features HD video recording, real-time surveillance, PIR sensor and full-duplex audio. However, It doesn’t require any tools for cables to install. Simply clip the device on the door and it will notify you when someone approaches your door. Check the Doorcam on Amazon.com!

Sit-Stand Laptop Desk 

MOFT Z is an origami-inspired sit-stand laptop desk that can be used in four different positions. While not in use, simply fold it up in a size of a one-piece paper with 0.5 inches of thickness. However, it’s sleek and lightweight design allows you to carry it anywhere. Meanwhile, you will have three sitting positions and one standing position with this laptop desk. The MOFT Z starts at $49 on Kickstarter.com!

Clothes Organizing Hanger

This uniquely designed Hurdle Hanger helps you to declutter your closet quickly and easily. However, it’s innovative open insert design allows you to hang your clothes without stretching them out. It’s made from high-quality ABS plastic material and strong enough to hang any heavy cloths like pants and jackets. The Hurdle Hanger of 10 packs starts at $20 on Kickstarter.com!

Smart Body BMI Scale

Unlike the traditional scales which simply display your weight, the FitTrack Dara will provide almost 17 different measurements about your body. Moreover, it connects to your smartphone and helps you to track your BMI, weight, muscle mass, protein levels, obesity level, and body fat amount. So you can easily achieve your health goal with it’s smart and improved data. Check the FitTrack Dara on Amazon.com!

Make Any Classic Door Smarter

Hiding your keys under the doormat is a thing of a past. With K1 smart lockbox you can turn any classic door into a smart biometric door without doing any modification on it. Further, YEEUU K1 is a die aluminum alloy boy that holds your key and share the access to your property with family and friends. However, it’s ideal for AirBnB hosts and homeowners. The YEEUU K1 starts at $49 on Indiegogo.com!

Smart Living Gadgets

What smart living and modern lifestyle gadget you like the most? Tell us in the comments!

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