Snow Socks For Cars | Get Better Traction in Snow Without Tire Chains

These winter snow socks are for your car and not for your feet. They are called the ISSE snow socks for cars by Shark. It’s give you instant traction that keeps you rolling through slippery road conditions. They take less time to install than tire chains. The high quality fabric gives you ultimate traction on snow. The socks provide safety in driving. And you can go up to 25 miles per hour on roads covered with ice and snow.

All you have to do is simply cover your drive wheels with a pair of snow socks. No tools are needed everyone can do it in just minutes. Snow socks fits perfectly on most passenger cars and SUVs. You have to know your tire size before you get one. Don’t get stuck this winter, always be prepared with snow socks. The woven design creates friction that giving you better traction. So it allows you to go for maximum speed 25 mph without skidding tires.

They won’t damage your tires. They are light weight and handy, so you can carry them anywhere. Instead of getting headache with messy and heavy tire chains you can use snow socks for smooth ans peaceful journey. Using tire chain is a most expensive and time wasting way to get traction. They are difficult to mount and hard on your car. Even elderly people can’t handle the heavy tire chains.

But the Snow Socks For Cars is way more better then chains. Because any age group people can easily mount this on their car tires. Finally there is an alternative for tire chains! Check this on


Watch the Snow Socks For Cars in action:

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