Best Sock Helper For Elderly To Help Put Socks On | Sock Aid

Now elderly and disabled people can put on socks without bending down. This handy sock assist device is called ‘Sock Aid’. It was designed to bring efficiency and support to people with mobility problems. Its innovative design is compact, portable, and easy to use. All you have to do is, simply roll your sock over it. And your sock slides onto your foot. It also comes with an easy off sock aid too. So you can easily on or off your sock without bending.

Best Sock Helper For Elderly | Sock Aid:

If you have any back problems or knee pain then putting your socks is an extremely painful task to you. This one-hand operated sock aid comes in blue color. And it’s a dream comes true for anyone who has a mobility problem. It’s also perfect for elderly people who want to do their daily tasks on their own without other’s help. Its unique design is suitable for traveling and easy storage.

How the sock aid works:

It’s very easy to use and operate. First of all, you have to place wrap the lining of your sock around the cylindrical shaped device, inserting the other portion of your sock into the tube. Then place the device on the floor by using the grabbing stick. Once you done, then simply insert your foot into your sock. And repeat the same steps for your other leg. You can use the same grabbing stick to take off your sock easily. Check the Sock Aid on!

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