SpitzLift: This portable mini pickup truck-mounted crane saves your back

This mini crane is an easy-to-use pickup truck accessory that effortlessly lifts and loads heavy things into your pickup bed. The SpitzLift is a 4-foot small truck-mounted crane that can lift loads that weights 900 lbs (408.2 kg). However, this complete practical crane on a truck comes in two different variants such as electrical and manual.

Both of the pickup cranes have the same payload capacity. Moreover, this portable mini crane weighs less than 40 lbs and can be installed within a few minutes. Also, once not in yous, you can easily detach it from your vehicle and store it in a minimal space.

Above all, it will fit on a wide range of vehicles including vans, service bodies, enclosed bodies, platform trucks, pickup trucks, and even receiver hitches. The truck-mounted crane can be operated by one person, and no specific training or license is needed for that person to do so.


As I said earlier, the DC-powered electric version uses your vehicle’s battery to get the power. Like other ordinary cranes, it can able to rotate 360 degrees continuously. Likewise, it also features a safety release auxiliary handle, disc brake, 20 ft webbing, and 50 ft wire rope.


However, the crane uses aircraft-grade aluminum and steel. So it can easily handle any heavy objects while cutting the product weight at the maximum. So it can lift objects whenever and wherever the day demands.


No matter, how large and heavy the objects are. As a result, you can easily load a heavy bike, ATV, motors, engines, and other heavy metal objects. Furthermore, if you found this pickup truck crane with an electric winch interesting, then check it out on Amazon.com.

Source: SpitzLift

Watch the pickup truck crane in this video

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