Squad Microcar: A compact city car that runs on solar energy 

The Netherlands-based company Squad Mobility has come up with a compact solar city car that runs on solar energy and has comfortable space for two. This SQUAD solar city car was invented by Robert Hoevers and Chris Klok, two farmer Lightyear employees with 40 years of expertise.

This most affordable electric minicar is designed with both private and shared mobility use in mind. Further, solar panels on the roof offer up to 20 km of driving range. Also, the 100km range can be achievable with additional portable batteries.

Additionally, this two-person tiny car has a top speed of 45 km/h. Unlike other electric cars, it doesn’t need a charging station. Likely, the batteries recharge themselves under the sunlight. Because of the minimal design and small dimensions, the SQUAD compact car doesn’t need a large parking spot.

Squad mobility

They claimed that three SQUADS can fit into a single parking place. Above all, the SQUAD city car features a strong roll cage structure and three-point seat belts to completely secure the passenger. As a result, it is more efficient than a scooter while still providing a car-like experience.

Squad mobility

The well-designed interior comfortably accommodates two adults and luggage. Also, the front dashboard has enough space for your bag, cup holder, and smartphone, and also features a USB charger.

Squad mobility

Furthermore, their planned retail price for the SQUAD city car is around €6,250 ( roughly US$6,714). Also, the minicar is already available for pre-order in the EU for €5,000 (roughly US$5,371) and pre-orders outside the EU are free.

Source: Squad mobility

Watch the SQUAD solar-powered compact car in action

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