SureCan | Best Spill Proof Gas Can

This ‘SureCan’ gas can help you to minimize gasoline spillage while you feed your machine. And makes refueling safer for the environment. instead of pouring gas like the other traditional cans, this spill-proof gas can dispenses fuel from the bottom of the can. All you have to do is, simply rotate the flexible spout. And push the thumb trigger to release the fuel. This helps you limit the amount you spill around.


There are three different spill-proof gas cans are available for each gas, diesel, and kerosene. This uniquely designed device and its mechanism will help you save tons of money by not spilling gasoline on the ground. And no more bending down on your knees and turning the gas canister upside down and spilling gas all over your vehicle. The SureCan was made from 6-Layer high-density polyethylene. That makes the can the most durable and easiest fuel can.


You can fold the adjustable nozzle and secure it in place while the can is not in use. This gas container can hold up to 2.2 gallons of gasoline at a time. It measures 12.5 inches wide x 13 inches tall x 9 inches deep. SureCan is safe, easy to use and virtually eliminates the risk of spillage. Its 6-layer design keeps vapors from escaping and polluting the air. In fact, SureCan meets and exceeds  U.S. EPA emissions regulations guidelines. Check the SureCan gas can on!

Source: Surecan

Watch the Spill Proof Gas Can in action down below

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