Surprise Cake Stand | Pops Out Hidden Gifts From Inside Cakes

Turn any ordinary classic cake into a stunning gift box with this ‘surprise cake stand’. This device will reveal the hidden gift at exactly the right moment by popping out from the cake. It will surprise everyone and makes the birthday party unforgettable. This unique cake stand comes with the pull ring trigger. Once the person pulls the ring the stand will release the gift pod through the cake. The transparent gift pod measures 2.8″ in diameter and 6″ in height. So you can securely load almost any kind of gift items such as an iPhone, jewels or edible presents.

Pop Up Surprise Cake Stand

All you have to do is, simply insert special gift in ‘gift pod’ and place the gift pod on the shuttle at the top of the tube. Once you place the present securely, it’s time to prepare your cake. Gently transfer the cake onto the center of the ‘Surprise Plate’. Make sure the cake should not exceed height of 6 1/8 inches. And for the small plate up to 4 1/8 inches tall. Then use a transparent tube to core out the center of the cake. Once the cake is placed on the top of the plate, smoothly apply frosting and sprinkles over the cake to conceal the gift pod.

That’s it! now the cake is completely upgrade enough to surprise everyone. Not only with cakes, you can also use cupcake on this stand. Simply swap the flat topper with the cupcake Topper. Surprisingly the stand can hold up to 24 standard sized cupcakes. There is also a music box version of the stand is available. So the you can automate the trigger by cranking the music box. Once the happy birthday melody comes to an end, the crank will release the Gift Pod automatically. Check the popping stand for birthday cake on!

Watch the Gift stand in action

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