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Now you can transform your jacket into a camping tent wherever you go. The tent jacket is ultimately stylish, practical, totally breathable and weather-resistant. This transforming tent jacket was created by ‘ADIFF’ specially for refuges who are always on the move. So this tri-season wearable tent allows them to create a shelter with their own jacket. This tent jacket is style enough to wear in the city and also functional enough to provide you a shelter on your camping or hiking trips on the woods. 

This Jacket Transform Into Camping Tent:

This unique tent has enough space for two adults to comfortably sleep. It’s light weight and breathable fabric materiel is perfect to wear during the physical activities. This shelter jacket was designed and invented by ‘Angela Luna’ who is the Founder and CEO of ADIFF. Not only tent, they also invent sleeping bag jackets, reflective jackets and more. They are available in two different colors like burnt orange, moss green. This convertible tent was made from the 100% nylon and polyester materials for each different color.

This extremely portable tent features waterproof zippers, flexible rib knit cuff with thumb hole, mesh hand pockets, internal tent pockets, tent mesh for ventilation, base and pole attachment. The tent base also can be used as a rolled bag to carry the poles. And the front zipper door of the the camping shelter can be used as a scarf or hood while in jacket mode. It’s base measures 58 inches x 58 inches and 82 inched in diagonally. And have 37 inches of internal peak height. So it can provide comfortable sleeping space for 1 -2 person. It weights 3.5 lbs along whit the collapsible poles. Check the wearable tent here!

Watch the wearable tent in action down below:

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