Butt Pillow: How butt shaped pillow helps you live a better life

Now you can get a pillow in the shape of a butt. It’s called the ‘Buttress Pillow’. Its ergonomically designed cushion comes in a shape of a human bum. These butt-shaped pillows are made from natural latex. So the cheeks and thighs gently cradle your head while the latex offers neck and spine support. Its unique design might raise some eyebrows, But it looks incredibly comfortable to rest your head-on.

Butt shaped pillow

It looks similar to a women’s bum wearing yoga pants. It also has an adjustable strap that allows you to easily carry it around. And yoga-pant like pillow cover is easily removable for the cleaning process. Its unique design can provide comfort to your head in any position. The Buttress pillow looks, touch, and feel like a real person’s bum. So it helps you to ultimately reduce your stress and provide a peaceful mind like a fidget toy.

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The natural latex provides dependable neck and spine support while the softer interior lets your head gently rest. Like a massage bed, the butt-shaped pillow straightens the spine while you relax in a soft and wonderful butt. So this pillow must be the perfect match for back, side, and stomach sleepers. The butt-shaped pillow with a yoga pant like cover comes in three different colors black, white, and aqua.

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The entire package comes with a natural latex-made cushion, permanent silky inner yoga pants cover, mini butt pillow keychains, and cool stickers. The pillow measures 15 inches in length, 15 inches in width, and 8 inches in thickness. And the total weight of the pillow is 3 pounds. Finally, here is a perfect pillow for lonely people who always looking for an elegant and bootyful sleep every night. Check the Buttress Pillow on Amazon.com!

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