Easy Titan Trash Compactor | Compresses Garbage for Space

This garbage can crushes your trash to maximize space without you having to touch it. It’s called the Titan Trash Compactor by Joseph Joseph. It can holds up to three times more trash than other ordinary garbage cans of same size. Which make less runs to take out the garbage. It uses a compaction system that pushes down trash without touching it.

Titan Trash Compactor | Compresses Garbage for Space:

All you have to do is, simply fill up your garbage into the smart trash can compactor. When the garbage reach the brim, then lift the handle from the side of the bin and push it down to shrink those garbage. So it allows you to compress the garbage with single hand and you don’t need to see or touch anything from the dustpan.

It’s unique anti-tear design doesn’t damage your garbage liners while compassing. By using the Joseph Joseph Titan smart trash bin you can able to reduce your trash size by 66%. It also comes with the built-in replaceable odor control filter on the lid to neutralize the bad smell. There are two different size variants are available. Small one can holds up to 5 gallons of garbage and the larger one can holds up to 8 gallons. Check the Smart Trash Bin on Amazon.com!

Watch the Titan Trash Compactor in action down below:

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