ToddlerTarget | Bullseye Toilet Light For Kids Potty Training

Toddler Target is a innovative tool for kids potty training. Now the challenging potty training your little one is little easier with this bulls-eye toilet light. Simply fix the motion sensor activated light right to the back of your toilet. And the light shines into your toilet and projects a target, that shows your toddlers right where to aim. Toddler Target is a great invention for special needs children and autism spectrum kids.

The Toddler Target also used as a night-light for parents, elderly and anyone that needs to go potty in the middle of the night. The motion sensor activated system detects the person approaching the toilet, and automatically turns on. And it will turn off after 15 seconds when you leave the toilet. The Toddler Target allows independent potty training to your little boy. So it must be the helpful tool for parents when they are busy at work.

The Toddler Target uses on 2 AA batteries for power. And this kids potty training tool will attaches to the back of your toilet using the strong and durable 3M adhesive strip. So your kids won’t be able to pull the target light off of the seat. With the Toddler Target, potty training is now a fun experience for both parents and kids. The adjustable motion activated target light teaching kids to pee into the right place.

Every parent in the world at some point in their life experiences some anxiety with potty training. So parents must take care of their kid’s potty training when the kid at age 2 and above. The Toddler Target works in two modes, in a motion activated mode it will turn on when detects motion. And in night-light mode that will turn on automatically in the dark. Check the ToddlerTarget on!

Watch this Kids Potty Training tool in action down below:

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