Topless Sandals | Extreme Shoe & Sandal Combo | Link Flip Shoes

This whole new type of shoes are our future. These ‘Link Flip Shoes’ are the combination of both shoe & sandal. This topless sandals integrates the comfort of flip flops with the safety of regular shoes. All you have to do is, simply slip them on like a pair of flip-flops, and they comfortable hug your feet to stay on. This sandal shoes are made from anti-odor, vegan material to provide more grip and comfort.

Topless Sandals | Extreme Shoe & Sandal Combo:

The additional layer of its sole material provides water resistance and maximum grip on rough surfaces. Unlike regular sandals, this unique slipper shoe combo allows you to run, bile and even skateboard while wearing them. Those ordinary sandals and flip-flops are very slippery and difficult to walk when your feet is wet. But this shoes are warp around and hugs your feet at every angle. So it won’t sliding around or falling off.

Unlike regular shoes and sandals, The ‘Link’ provides proper airflow to your feet to breath. These flip shoes are perfect for yoga, workout, travel, at work, at beach, at pool, shopping and almost anywhere you want to walk. It’s EVA cushioning material with anti-odor and anti-bacterial elements provides extreme comfort and protection to your feet. Finally, the division parts of these shoes gives natural waking experience. Check the ‘Link’ shoes on!

Watch the Topless Sandals | Shoe & sandal combo in action down below:

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