Vertiball | Wall Mounted Massage Ball | Portable Back Massager

This is a mountable massage ball back massager. Vertiball aims to relieve back pain using a simple wall mounted massage ball, and your body weight. It packs a powerful industrial grade suction cup. That allows it to mount to any kind of wall. Once mounted, you can massage yourself by rubbing up against it. The spinning ball allows you back up against and move up, down, and side to side to give yourself a massage.

80% of us will experience back pain at some point in our lives. And the fact is our inability to reach and massage our own backs. This portable, mountable muscle care system that gives you the ability to target and relieve tense muscles like never before. You can create custom workout plans with your physician and make adjustments based on results that can be tracked and repeated with certainty.

The patent-pending mobile mounting system uses industrial suction technology to lock onto painted drywall and other smooth surfaces. once you relieved simply unlock the attachment and unclamp it from the wall. You can take the Vertiball with you anywhere, and make it a part of your daily life. So that you are paying doesn’t have to be. This wall mounted massage all was made for everybody.

Regardless for strength, mobility, flexibility, or agility this unique portable back massager makes your back accessible to you. So that you can take control of your pain and find relief on your terms. The innovative portable design easily fits into your bag or purse. The Vertiball can holds up to 100 lbs of weight, So it won’t slip or fall down while you massage yourself. Check the Vertiball back massager on! 

Watch the Vertiball | Wall Mounted Massage Ball in action down below:

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