Wearable Survival Raft | Life Jacket And a Life Boat In One Vest

In most cases rescuers are not able to reach a life raft in time. So the company called ‘Cobham’ comes with an interesting idea. That make a personal life raft instantly accessible to each individual. This device is known as a wearable Survival Raft. It’s a life jacket and life boat in one vest. This wearable life raft automatically activates once immersed. It’s the survival and personal overboard survival system from Cobham. The canopy keeps you warm and dry while you await rescuers.

The Life jacket and tethered raft are placed on the vest using vacuum packed raft technology. The ballast bags maintain the stabilization while you are floating. Inflatable seat cushion gives thermal protection and keeps your body heat stable. This life raft comes with an Strobe light for giving nighttime signals. It automatically deploys in 60 seconds when immersed in water. Cobham’s survivor+ is  the safest most advanced, reliable personal overboard survival system.

These inflatable life jacket and a wearable life raft are approve by the commercial maritime industry. This single survival system comes as a vest for maximum protection and survivability.

Watch the Wearable Survival Raft is action down below:

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