Yardroid | A Gardening Robot That Handles Yard-Related Tasks By Using AI

Working in the yard is a back-breaking task for many people. But it will get even worse on hot sunny days. Because there is just too much to do when comes to backyard gardening. That is to say, You have to mow the lawn, rake up those leaves, weed, trim those hedges, and even more. No worries though, the Yardroid robot will help you to make those jobs easier.

It equipped with a bunch of genius yard tools and devices to handle your general yard and gardening works autonomously. Unlike a basic lawn mowing robot, the Yardroid can perform multiple tasks such as leaf blowing, irrigation, pest control, weed control, lawn mowing, and even security. With the help of computer vision and artificial intelligence, this gardening robot will mow your lawn in a planned path.

Moreover, you can adjust the grass cutting height by using the smartphone app. However, this robot carries the turret on the front that includes a water gun, camera, and a LED light. To irrigate the plants and yard, the water gun sprays the water in every possible target with the help of a stabilized gimbal. Once the tank is empty, the robot will refill the 2 gallons tank on its own.

Additionally, the Yardroid has two 1 quart/liter tanks for both weed and pest killer chemicals. It recognizes weed plants and classifies pests from insects and birds using its camera and artificial intelligence program. After that, it sprays the minimal amount of chemical on the particular target. Meanwhile, it will automatically spot the debris on the pathway, driveway, or sidewalk and clear them with the built-in leaf blower.

Further, this smart landscaping robot continuously monitors the lawn by using a camera and LED light. Once it detects an uncommon activity or an intruder, it warns them with the built-in speaker and records and saves the footage on a mobile device. Finally, it also features a GPS to avoid being stolen. You can contact the company for more details about the Yardroid.

Source: Yardroid

Watch the gardening robot in action

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