Origami-Inspired Collapsible Water Bottle That Folds Flat! | Origami Bottle

There are some new and creative inventions that are out there to fight against single-use plastic. But nun of them is quiet compact as single-use plastic. Meet the ‘Origami Bottle’, it is a collapsible water bottle that folds flat at 80% in volume. It was invented by Bulgaria based company DiFOLD which is owned by a business-tech duo, Radina, and Petar.

Once you unfold, you will have a most stable and elegant water bottle that holds up to 25 oz of water. However, the empty bottle will fold completely flat at 80% to fit in your purse, backpack, or even pocket. Unlike other collapsable bottles, the DiFOLD bottle stays in the unfolded position like a solid water bottle.

Reusable Water Bottle That Folds Flat

Because it’s revolutionary origami design has multiple processing points that make folding is little complicated for first-time users. Moreover, its made of high-quality TPC polymer which makes the bottle too strong. In other words, it’s completely dishwasher safe and free from odor, BPA, and other toxins.

The leakproof stainless-steel cap with a built-in loop allows you to hook or attach the bottle wherever you want. However, the Origami Bottle is an ideal choice for commuters, traveling, and any kind of outdoor activities. This bottle weighs only 4.2 ounces and comes in three different colors such as sky blue, mighty green, and pink win.

In the unfolded position, the bottle measures 21 cm in height. And in the folded position, it measures only 5.5cm which is easily fit in your pocket. Currently, this project on a Kickstarter campaign. You can get one for the pledge of $30 USD on Kickstarter.com!

Watch the Origami Bottle in action

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I m interested to market ithis product n india ..let me know your interest and terms and conditions.
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What is the price of bottle and how to buy?
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